Machine Shop Facilities

Grey Iron From 0.5kg to 20 tonnes. BS EN 1561 1997 Grades 150 to 300.
Ductile Iron From 0.5kg to 20 tonnes. BS EN 1563 1997 Grades 350/22 to 900/2.
Aluminium All EN 485,515,573 grades in particular LM4,6,13,25, 31
Brass All BS1400 1985 Grades in particular SCB1, 3 DCB3.
Bronze All BS1400 1985. In particular PB1,AB1,2,LG1,2 HTB1,2.







Hebei Rimo Metal Products Limited complement our casting manufacture, we have both conventional and CNC machine shop facilities

Hebei Rimo Metal Products Limited on-going investment in the most up to date CNC and manually operated plant and machinery, the machining facilities includes conventional lathes, milling machines, horizontal/vertical boring and state of the art CNC and semi-CNC machining centres, this guarantees competitive prices for both single units and batch quantities. To complement our machining facility we have in-house shot-blasting, heat treated and assembly work and backed up by a highly sophisticated inspection facility. This gives us the added flexibility for prototype, small batch and fixture works.

The machine workshop is enhanced by our excellent quality control department and dimensional accuracy is assured with our CMMs machines.