SG Iron
Grey Iron, Malleable
Investment Castings
Stainless Steel
Special Steels
High Manganese Steel
Non ferrous alloys
Aluminium Die Casting
Lost Foam Process

Casting Materials: ASTM, SAE, ISO, EN, DIN, JIS, BS Standards

Plastic Materials: ABS, POM, PET, PVC, PE, PA (PA6.6), TPE, PU.





Hebei Rimo Metal Products Limited is a strong vibrant professional manufacturer and exporter specialising in all types of castings, forgings, stamping and machining products, by moving with the times we have survived many recessions. This year we are looking to increase our customer base by our proven policy of excellent quality, service, pricing and maintaining our delivery promises. You can be assured any item supplied by our company go through a vigorous inspection procedure to ISO9001: 2000 approved standard.

Internationally renowned as a manufacturer of high quality castings since 2001. A continual programme of high investment in computerised technology has enabled Hebei Rimo Metal Product Limited to offer customers the highly specialised operations for new casting manufacture.

Fully aware of the ever increasing demands placed on today's manufacturers worldwide, Hebei Rimo Metal Product Limited are fully committed to quality and service, continuously striving to help customers' stay ahead in this highly competitive market.

Hebei Rimo Metal Products Limited specialise in ferrous SG iron, grey iron, malleable, non-ferrous metal cupronickel, bronze/brass, copper and various aluminum alloy. Many types of process from sand casting, die-casting, investment casting and gravity casting, producing large volume of extremely thin wall thickness, precise, special dimension and complicated brass and aluminum casting. Applying advanced management and advance casting technology, our proven technology can achieve very tight tolerances whereby avoiding machining or very small amount of machining.

Hebei Rimo Metal Products Limited utilises the most up to date technology available for the metal casting industry in order to produce the finest quality castings for our customers. Hebei Rimo Metal Products Limited employ a variety of different casting techniques which allows for a greater range of flexibility when it comes to designing and producing your casting. The most commonly used casting techniques at Hebei Rimo Metal Products Limited are able to supply castings in many surface finish requirements involving machining, handcraft polishing, electro polishing, zinc galvanising, zinc electro plating, powder-coated, anodising, painting, various plating finish, including various heat treatment, tempering, stress releasing, annealing, quenching, normalising, carbonising, case-hardening, induction quenching.