Finishing and Assembly

Grey Iron From 0.5kg to 20 tonnes. BS EN 1561 1997 Grades 150 to 300.
Ductile Iron From 0.5kg to 20 tonnes. BS EN 1563 1997 Grades 350/22 to 900/2.
Aluminium All EN 485, 515, 573 grades in particular LM4, 6, 13, 25, 31
Brass All BS1400 1985 Grades in particular SCB1, SCB3, DCB3.
Bronze All BS1400 1985 in particular PB1, AB1, AB2, LG1, LG2, HTB1, HTB2.







Why not let Hebei Rimo Metal Products Limited arrange your final processing to your specification.

Finishing and Assembly of Cast Products
Whatever the surface requirements, we can offer the solution, handcraft polishing, electro polishing, zinc galvanising, zinc electro plating, powder-coated, anodising, painting, various plating finish, including various heat treatment, tempering, stress releasing, annealing, quenching, normalising, carbonising, case-hardening, induction quenching.

We have the experience and expertise to provide assembly services to help you concentrate on your core business, we can assemble your finished parts into complete assemblies, package per your requirements and deliver ready to install within our development area for test work and a specialist production area for assembly.

Please call us to discuss your specific needs. We are always happy to help you select the best material manufacturing process to meet your requirements.