Material Specification

Grey Iron From 0.5kg to 20 tonnes. BS EN 1561 1997 Grades 150 to 300.
Ductile Iron From 0.5kg to 20 tonnes. BS EN 1563 1997 Grades 350/22 to 900/2.
Aluminium All EN 485,515,573 grades in particular LM4,6,13,25, 31
Brass All BS1400 1985 Grades in particular SCB1, 3 DCB3.
Bronze All BS1400 1985. In particular PB1,AB1,2,LG1,2 HTB1,2.





Hebei Rimo Metal Products Limited provide various casting production methods located in Hebei Province. Automatic horizontal/vertical moulding line for high volumes producing excellent moulding process combines high quality moulding with a high-speed throughput of 160 moulds per hour (120 with core setting). Semi-automatic CT3 machines, large floor moulding jobbing section equipped for resin bonded for the automotive, utilities, general engineering and railway industries.Our products are widely used in many industries for drainage, fire control, heating ventilation, metallurgy, chemical industry and electric power. All products meet ISO 9001 quality assurance as standard.

Our main foundry have a wide experience in manufacturing and professional technical support, we are able to provide a high quality industrial valves, including hydraulic automatic control and flow control technology energy saving valves, gate valves, check valve,Y filter. Our products have been exported to many countries including Europe, Russia, Middle East, Brazil, Morocco and have gained a excellent reputation in these markets for delivery and quality.

We also specialise in non-ferrous metal cupronickel, bronze/brass, copper and various aluminum alloy. The process of sand casting, die-casting, investment casting and gravity casting, producing big volume of extremely thin wall thickness, precise, special dimension and complicated brass and aluminum casting. Applying advanced management and advance casting technology, our products can achieve tolerance GB CT9, and surface roughness better than 1.6 micron thus minimising or removing machining altogether. Our unique process makes the products without bubble, inclusion or shrinkage.